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To grow a powerhouse culinary line with a global touch and national reach by combining
the exceptional talent, experience, versatility in business, and creative skills of our chefs.

More than ever before, consumers want fresh, convenient, and exciting meals and ingredients to help them achieve perfectly prepared global recipes at home or meals on the go.

Chef Azmin is renowned for his global spin on familiar dishes and for taking great ingredients and making them the best they can be without artifice or pretense. He gathers the finest unique ingredients and prepares his food simply, enhancing flavors with a variety of herbs and spices, so that the components combine with one another to produce a delicious, satisfying experience with each bite.

DELLAH represents Chef Azmin’s most carefully curated global flavors, offering blends of spices, dressings, and sauces created to empower home chefs to explore their own global dishes, simply and flavorfully. These are the recipes he has used himself to prepare unforgettable meals in his own kitchens, whether for family, friends, neighbors, presidents, or kings.

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  • All Food is Not Created Equal
  • Fresh and Seasonal Foods Have More Flavor
  • Reputable and Sustainable Food Sources
  • Global Foods are Inspirational


Creative and Skilled Professional Chefs

Culinary Expertise Specializing in International Cuisine

Highest Quality Food Farmers and Ranchers

Collaborative Nutritional Board & In-House Nutrition Consultant

Frozen Ready-to-Serve Meals for Major Retailers, Institutions Food Service, Cruise Lines

Broad Spectrum of Product Lines

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